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Here is the link to the Attorney Generals website in reference to Identify theft and protections.




Absconder in custody after leading Officers on a foot chase

Jason VanVleet

Wanted for absconding and fleeing from officers is now in Custody.

VanVleet had made several threats of harming Police Officers or anyone that was helping Law Enforcement to locate him.

It was reported to the Stone County sheriff's Department that VanVleet was armed with a .45 caliber pistol.

The first contact with VanVleet was made around 9:00 a.m. when Chief Deputy Zach Alexander entered a trailer house off Persimmon Lane. VanVleet was hiding underneath the trailer and took off running.  

Mountain View Police Officer Cody Lee and his K9 Falco, along with the Chief Resource Officer Keenan Glenn picked up the track which went around the trailer and into the woods west of the residence.

At that time the Stone County Sheriff's Department started receiving phone calls from individuals stating that they had seen VanVleet in the woods close to where the foot pursuit started. Lieutenant Dammon McGilton with the Stone County Sheriff's Department noticed VanVleet dunk in behind a house. McGilton began to chase VanVleet on foot chasing him through a creek bed. VanVleet was met by Mike Tharp, Brad Breeding, and Keenan Glenn once he crossed the creek that McGilton has chased him to. Officers were able to take VanVleet into Custody after VanVleet resisted for a short time without further incident.

Stone County Sheriff's Department wants to Thank the Mountain View Police Department, The Arkansas State Police, the Arkansas Game and Fish commission and the Arkansas Parole and Probation, and Chief Glenn with the Mountain View School District Police Department for their assistance.

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Female Dispatch and Jailor Position available

The Stone County sheriffs office is now accepting applications for a female dispatcher jailer position pick up an application at the jail´┐╝. Any questions contact Jail administrator Stephen Williams´┐╝.



See the employment tab for an application 

Chili supper and fundraiser



Chili dinner and pie and silent auction

Saturday January 25th 2020 at 5:00 p.m. at the Stone County Fairgrounds.


Sponsored by the Wives of Armor group of Stone County 

Tickets are only $5 each


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Stolen Vehicle found

Stolen vehicle has been found. More information to come as we get it. Thank you all for your assistance. 

Stolen Vehicle reported in Fifty-Six area

We have a 2010 Toyota Camary Green in color with Arkansas License plate 914 VVL. Stolen from Fifty-Six missionary baptist church tonight sometime between 6:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. The vehicle has damage to both the left and right rear fenders and also to the passenger side front bumper cover. If anyone has any information on the whereabouts of this vehicle please contact the STONE COUNTY SHERIFF's OFFICE at 870-269-3825.

Stone County Rehabitilation and detention center info released

Stone County Rehabilitation and Detention Center 2020


WE LISTENED: New Proposal designed to be clean & secure, but not comfortable.

Half the cost to build, One-third payoff time, Half the cost to run

WHY do we need a new jail?  In 2014, Arkansas adopted new standards for jails which our current facility fails. Three contractors reported our existing facility "not feasible" to bring within requirements.  Stone County submitted an improvement plan to address staffing and operations, but our facility still fails standards.  Since the State Constitution requires counties to have a jail, our old jail will remain open, but the long-term license to house inmates beyond 24 hours will be revoked.  Stone County will have to pay other counties to house our inmates including medical and transportation cost.  Madison County is doing this now--budgeting $580,000 of local funds to pay other counties.

WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE NOW?  Voters turned down the previous proposal due to cost, size, term, out-of-state contractor, and the bond wording.

Old Proposal:                                     

$11,500,000 bond

30-year bond term

½ cent tax for bond

½ cent permanent tax

100 bed facility

Expandable to 120 beds

Old Jail used for admin/storage

Space to house other inmates


New Proposal:

$5,995,000 bond

10-year bond with est. payoff less than 8

½ cent tax to pay off bond (will end)

¼ cent operations & maintenance--jail only

60 bed with improved female housing

Flexible space for future requirements

Old Jail Refurbished for Rehab Programs

Space for programs to aide in reducing recidivism among our citizens

WE LISTENED, and we ask you to support fixing our Stone County jail. PLEASE vote: "YES" for construction bond and operations tax.

WE LISTENED, and we ask you to support fixing our Stone County jail. Please vote: "YES" for construction bond and operations tax.

- The previous proposal used an out-of-state Contractor. - This proposal went statewide and to all bordering states for competitive selection. - Local Construction Manager (Noacon) will use available local labor and materials whenever possible. - HMN Architects (justice facility experts) will engineer, design and ensure compliance. - Preliminary design meets Arkansas Corrections criteria stds. - Designed for safety, security, simplicity and space for rehab programs with efficient staffing to lower long-term costs

Precast insulated concrete panels expedite the building process & provide a sturdy, low cost, bare-bones 50-year facility with future expansion flexibility

Half the cost to build, One-third payoff time, Half the cost to run


click on media kit to download a fyler with some drawings and diagrams


new ENTERGY SCAM going around

There is a new scam going around where someone will call you and tell you that your late on your electric bill and they are going to shut your power off for non payment. 


This is what was sent to us:


his was sent to us today about a new scam going on
*****BE AWARE*****

Wife got a call supposedly from Entergy demanding payment today of overdue bill and said power would be shut off. This was this morning.

We both laughed. The funny part was we both knew Entergy is in my name not hers and they just have my number. But we wouldn't have fallen for it anyway .

Tonight there is a post on channel 7 about this exact scam.

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Deputies assist in the Stone County Officer Santa Program

The Stone County Sheriff's Deputies assisted in several programs this year along with several other agencies for the Christmas season. Other agencies involved were The Mountain View Police Department, Arkansas Game and Fish, Arkansas State Police, Arkansas Forestry, Probation and Parole, Arkansas State Park Rangers. These Officers came in on their time off and assisted with helping to shop with Children at Walmart part of the Shop with a Cop program, Picking up and sorting out and handing out gifts with the Angel Tree Program, and also helping buy sort, and wrap gifts with the Officer Santa Program. We were also assisted by members of various fire departments throughout the county as well as the Stone County branch of Wives of Armour and the Stone County branch of Wives backing the Blue. 



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Employment Opportunities

The Stone County Sheriff's Office is now accepting applications for Deputy positions. 

The Stone County Detention Center is also accepting applications for male and female detention officer positions.


Applications may be picked up at the dispatch window of the Stone County Sheriff's Office detention center.


You may go to the Employment tab on our webpage to download an application. 

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