Sheriff Bonds update in Stone County Leader
The following information is taken from the daily activity logs of deputies with the Stone County Sheriff's Office.
During the week of 12/19 - 12/27 deputies:
. Served a child support warrant on Clarence Street.
. Responded to a property dispute on Annette Lane.
. Assisted DHS with home visit on Wickham Road.
. Made a stolen property report on Dearien Lane.
. Made building checks at Pleasant Grove.
. Made a report of a person shooting paint balls at vehicles on Hwy. 9 South.
. Responded to a child custody dispute on Alex Drive.
. Made an animal accident report at Timbo.
. Made building checks in the Allison/Sylamore area.
. Responded to a noise complaint on Crooked Ridge Road.
. Made building checks at Fox and Timbo.
. Responded to a stalled vehicle at Rocky Bayou.
. Assisted DHS with a home visit on Lemon Lane.
. Made building checks at Fifty Six.
. Made building checks on Dodd Mountain.
. Made a child abuse report (Batesville charge) on Lemon Lane.
. Investigated a gas drive-off at Valero.
. Responded to multiple vehicle accidents on Hwy. 14.
. Responded to an attempted suicide on Highland Drive.
. Removed deer from highway near Jack's Boat Dock on Hwy. 5 North.
. Responded to power lines down on Hwy. 9 South.
. Assisted Vital Link with medical emergency on Hwy. 87.
. Trash crew picked up 8.1 miles of highway and 49 bags of trash.

Provided by:
Lori Freeze
Stone County Leader
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