Arrests made in Stone County

On August 21st 3013, Bobby Nichols residence at 2829 Highway 87 was burglarized. During this burglary, a box of Mr. Nichols' personal checks were stolen. The stolen checks began with number 1081. On August 27th 2013, Mr. Nichols produced a copy of a cancelled check from Centennial Bank. This check is one of the stolen checks being number 1081 which is the first check in the series which was stolen. On August 24th 2013, the check was written at the Valero Station on Highway 66 in Mountain View for the amount of $275.00. Security Video captured an individual identified by Probation Officer Brian Zini as Justin J. Kellams writing the check. Mr. Kellams purchased merchandise and wrote the check over for cash.  The receipt tape kept by Valero indicated the merchandise purchase and the video camera are time synchronized. The transaction was traced in this way to identify the individual who used the stolen check. Investigator McCool is familiar with Mr. Kellams and identified his from the Valero video as well. A copy of the video was obtained from the Valero station. Subject was charged with Forgery 2nd degree.