Arrest Made
Press Release:
On August 7th 2013, Bill Stair reported that his shop building on the 17000 block of Highway 14 ease in Mountain View had been burglarized and items were taken. Forced entry was made through a back window of the shop. Items taken include a victor cutting torch set, two sets of welding leads, an assortment of large wrenches, a napa battery charger, a breaker from a welder, and a stihl trimmer. On August 19th 2013, Harrison Scott McIntosh was advised of his Miranda rights and interviewed. McIntosh admitted to entering Mr. Stairs shop on or about the night of August 5th 2013, and taking the above items. Mr. McIntosh stated that he entered through the window, and the items had been sold to an individual from Missouri. Mr. McIntosh stated that he burned the insulation from the welder leads and sold the copper as scrap at the white river recycling center. There is a record of Mr. McIntosh selling copper at the White River Recycling Center after August 5th. The interview was recorded. The approximate value of the stolen property along with the broken window is two thousand dollars. $2000.00.