Sheriff Bonds Update in Stone County Leader

The following information is taken from the daily activity logs of deputies
with the Stone County Sheriff's Office.

During the week of 3/28 - 4/3 deputies responded to the following:

. theft report at Timbo School.

. possible drunk driver in Round Mountain area, no contact.

. assisted Cleburne County in vehicle pursuit.

. theft report on Herpel Road.

. welfare concern on Jensen Road and on Highway 14.

. domestic disturbance on Flat Rock Road.

. animal complaint on Rackley Road.

. possible reckless driver on Highway 14 East, no contact.

. harrassment complaint on Lindsey Hill Road.

. disturbance on Dickens Lane.

. cow in road on Highway 58.

. one-vehicle rollover on Highway 5 South.

. possible break-in in Ben area.

. break-in report on Herpel Road.

. property dispute on Country Charm Road.

. juvenile complaint on Herpel Road.

. conducted various building checks throughout the county.

. transported inmates to district and circuit court.

. supervised litter control picking up 366 bags, covering 34 miles for the
week. Anyone needing to do community service may help pick up trash on
Fridays, Saturdays, and Mondays. Come to the jail, and ask for Deputy Steve


Lori Freeze

Stone County Leader

Mountain View, AR 72560


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