School Starting up Be Safe

With many area schools starting up again Monday morning, we would like to ask everyone to please pay extra attention when driving on the roadways. There will be school buses out running their routes in the mornings and afternoons. Parents will be dropping off and picking up children from their respective schools. Traffic will undoubtedly be heavy during those times,and patience will be needed. Please allow yourselves a few extra minutes of travel time to reach your destination.

As a reminder, when a school bus is stopped loading or unloading children with flashing red lights, all drivers approaching from every direction must come to a complete and full stop until the process is finished and the red lights are off. This applies to all federal and state highways, county roads, and city streets EXCEPT divided highways with a median (such as the Hwy 62/412 Bypass). There are hefty penalties for failing to stop, so please pay attention and be aware of your surroundings.

We hope everyone has a safe and fun "back to school" adventure. Let's keep our children safe !