Possession of a Schedule II Controlled Substance

Sheriff Lance Bonds states that on September 1, 2016, Deputy Zach Alexander was patrolling on Highway 14 at the intersection of Mingues-Turner Road when he observed a vehicle do a U-Turn in the middle of Mingues-Turner Road and take off at a high rate of speed.  Deputy Alexander attempted to stop the vehicle for careless and prohibited driving, but the vehicle accelerated at a high rate of speed.  Deputy Alexander pursued the vehicle for approximately 1.5 miles.  Deputy Alexander was able to pass and force the vehicle to a stop. 

Upon approaching the driver, identified as Bobby MINGUES, Deputy Alexander observed MINGUES eating and chewing plastic baggies.  According to the deputy, MINGUES also had chewing tobacco in his mouth.  Deputy Alexander immediately removed MINGUES from the vehicle and arrested him for careless and prohibited driving and fleeing.  Deputy Alexander reported that MINGUES had bloodshot and watery eyes with fully dilated pupils, his speech was slurred and he was very unsteady on his feet and wobbling.  According to Deputy Alexander, MINGUES had very bad demeanor and mood swings and due to him being unsteady on his feet and his demeanor field sobriety was not given.  While being concerned for MINGUES’S safety, Deputy Alexander asked MINGUES what did he watch him swallow and he stated he had swallowed tow baggies of methamphetamine, two marijuana joints, and some pills when he was being chased.  He also stated that he had used methamphetamine and marijuana. 

The deputy then asked if he needed medical treatment and he stated it wasn’t that much methamphetamine.  MINGUES was searched incident to arrest and on his person were two baggies that were covered in tobacco and saliva that was chewed, torn, and destroyed with a small amount of white crystalline residue inside.  There was also two pieces of tin foil with crystalline residue inside.  There were two straws in MINGUES’S pocket that contained a white crystalline residue inside.  According to Deputy Alexander, a small amount of crystalline substance was taken from the baggie and tested in a NARC Field Test Kit and was positive for Methamphetamine.  Deputy Alexander also stated that there was a strong odor of burned marijuana coming from the vehicle.

Bobby D. MINGUES was transported to the Stone County Detention Center and the evidence was collected by Alexander and later turned over to a Drug Task Force Agent.