Possession of a Schedule IV or V Controlled Substance
 Roland, Justin.png

Sheriff Lance Bonds states that on September 3, 2016, Deputy Jason Jordan was working traffic on Highway 14 near Fifty Six in Stone County, when he encountered a green Chevrolet 4 door at a safety checkpoint.  During contact with the driver, Justin Roland of Mountain View, Deputy Jordan and another deputy Zach Alexander, realized the driver's speech was slurred and Roland's eyes were bloodshot and watery. 

During a consent to search the vehicle, Deputy Jordan located a "Pal Mall" cigarette pack that contained several green pills inside.  The cigarette pack was placed on the trunk of the police vehicle as the deputies continued their search.  At one point during the search, Deputy Jordan heard the sound of cellophane being crumbled.  When Jordan investigated, he realized that Roland was attempting to ingest the narcotics.  The narcotics were removed from Roland's mouth by the deputies, at which point he was transported to the Stone County Detention Center for processing.