Overnight Shooting Leaves One Dead

Sheriff Lance Bonds states that on March 23, at approximately 1218am, deputies were dispatched to an intoxicated person on Cedar Creek Road in the Round Mountain area. It was also reported that the intoxicated person was making threats to the complainants by phone and had in his possession, a firearm.  It was later learned that the intoxicated person was a Marshall, AR resident.

After a few minutes passed, dispatch stated that shots were fired. The dispatcher was still in contact with the complainant via phone during this time.  The dispatcher told responding officers that an intruder had been shot at the residence.

Moments later deputies arrived on scene and observed through the open door of the residence, a male lying on the floor several feet inside the residence and what appeared to be a rifle, lying next to the individual. After checking the welfare of the individual on the floor, it was determined he was deceased.  The scene was immediately secured.

During the course of the investigation, it was determined that the deceased suspect had unlawfully entered the residence, while being armed, in the Round Mountain area.

After unlawfully entering the residence, the suspect was confronted by the homeowner. In fear for his safety and the safety of his family, the homeowner fired upon the armed suspect.

This investigation is ongoing by the Stone County Sheriff's Department. Sheriff Bonds has contacted the Arkansas State Police Criminal Investigation Division for their assistance.  The identity of the deceased male is being withheld until notification of death has been confirmed.