Marijuana Grow Operation

Garner booking.jpegOn November 24, 2018, Deputies Jim Doss and Darrell Wills were dispatched by Sheriff Lance Bonds to conduct a welfare check on an individual at 4906 Hwy. 5 south in Stone County.  After arriving at the residence, Deputy Doss was invited inside the residence by an individual known by law enforcement.  This individual asked Deputy Doss to "look at the marijuana plants."

Deputy Doss observed a marijuana grow operation inside the residence, as well as marijuana growing outside the residence.  Narcotics Investigator McGilton was immediately contacted, and responded to the scene.  A search warrant was secured by investigators, at which time a search was conducted.  While at the residence, Michael Garner, the suspect in this case arrived at the residence.  Garner was detained and taken into custody at the doorway of the residence.  Located inside the residence was a 4 X 6 room used for the manufacture of marijuana.

While inside the residence, investigators located numerous marijuana plants, LED heat lamp Grow lights, thermometers, water, fans and chemicals.  Outside the grow room, investigators located marijuana trimming scissors, cases of jars and a plastic tote containing numerous jars of finished product (marijuana) that had names of strands labeled on them.

Michael David Garner was placed in custody and turned over to Detention Center Administrator Kirk Green for booking and detention.  Garner's bond was set at $10,000.00.  He is currently being held at the Stone County Detention Center.  He is scheduled for Circuit Court on December 11, 2018.