Keith Edward Miller
Address: 100 Block of Dogwood Ridge road
Mountain View, AR 72560
AKA: Red Miller
Employer: Lorn Mast construction
DOB: 05-24-1966
Gender: Male
Hair: Red
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 145
Race: White


Tattoo: Abdomen-Truck/Chest Swastika/Skull-Right Eagle-Left/L Forearm Bull, Cowboy/R Forearm Peacock, Skull/Upper L Arm Two Axes-Skull/Upper R Arm Dragon/L Wrist N.A.F, Gisele/ Neck-Scar- Behind/Scar L Hand Middle Finger

Registered Sex Offender - Level 3

Rape-First Degree (2 Counts), Kidnapping (2 Counts)

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