Updates on arrests

Over the past several weeks, the Stone County Sheriff's Department has recovered ten stolen vehicles throughout the county. Most of the incidents are not believed to be connected. Deputies have made one arrest and are investigating the other thefts. Another agency made an arrest on a theft out of Cleburne County. Most of the other vehicles were stolen from other jurisdictions. The ...vehicles were recovered near Dugan Stretch, St James, Alco, Highway 5 North, Blanchard Springs, and Salam, Ar. Joshua Brady Turner, age 33, of Pleasant Grove, Ar was arrested on 7-12-2013 on a warrant for theft by receiving after an investigation by the Stone County Sheriff’s Department. Turner’s bond was set at $20,000.00. That vehicle was stolen from the Dry Creek access area about three weeks ago. Jim Wayne Dayberry, age 26, of Mountain View was served with a warrant at the Stone County Jail by Cleburne County detectives on 7-15-2013 for theft of a vehicle. Dayberry was already in Stone County Jail on other felony charges. Stone County recovered that vehicle in the Alco area. Dayberry is being investigated on other thefts in the area. On 7-11-2013, deputies also arrested Shane Mitchell, age 36, of Pleasant Grove, Ar on a parole warrant in the St. James area. Mitchell has absconded from parole and had a warrant for his arrest. Also July 11th 2013, Investigators filed charges on Mark T. Crutcher for possession of methamphetamine, possession of drug paraphernalia, and forgery 1st degree. Crutcher was arrested on July 4th 2013 on a parole warrant. Crutcher had counterfeit money, methamphetamine, and drug paraphernalia in his possession. Crutcher has a $10,000.00 bond on criminal charges and a no bond warrant on parole warrant. Sheriff Bonds would like to advise citizens of phone scams. The Sheriff’s Department has received numerous complaints of phone scams. The caller will call you and tell you that you have won the lottery or you owe a bill or other things. The caller will either want a credit card number or an account number. They may also tell you to get a money order and send it to an address and they will in turn send you your winnings. There is another scam involving checks. You will receive a check in the mail. The check is counterfeit. The people that sent it to you wants you to cash the check and send the amount back. Mot of these scams are from overseas and are un traceable. If you have any concerns about a scam then you can contact the Sheriff’s Department.