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The Stone County Sheriff’s Office Part Time and Reserve Deputy Program is a vital part of the Sheriff’s Office, and we are proud of the hard work and assistance that these Deputies provide. The reserve Deputies assist the full-time Deputies in patrol functions, call assistance, and emergency responses. Other functions include prisoner transports, extraditions, service of warrants and other civil papers, and providing security at court and public events.

These Deputies are unpaid volunteers that have completed a part-time II state-certified training course (160-hour minimum course) and are certified Law Enforcement Officers. Many of the Reserve Deputies have also received additional training in a specialized field to assist in their work.

The Stone County Sheriff’s Office is very fortunate to have these hard-working and dedicated Deputies, and each Reserve Deputy is a vital part of the department.

The Reserves also take inmates out a couple of times a week to pick up trash on the side of the highways. The Sheriff's Office purchased a passenger van to use to transport inmates to various parts of the county to pick up trash. The transport van is also used to transport inmates to and from various types of courts.


SC 513 Deputy Kyle Dodson

SC 514 Sergeant Michael Stewart

SC 515 Deputy Glen Crymes 

SC 516 Deputy Cody Crymes

SC 517 Deputy Justin Balentine

SC 518 Sergeant Steve Marsee (Court Baliff)

SC 561 Deputy Tailor Lowery

SC 520 Deputy Chip Doss 

SC 521 Deputy Mary C Elder

SC 522 Deputy Marty Moss

SC 523 Deputy Victor Estes

SC 520 Deputy Chip Doss

SC 524 Deputy Paul Balentine 

SC 525 Deputy Joey Burnett

SC 526 Deputy Brandon Lasater

SC 527 Deputy Sean Hickman

SC 528 Deputy Bob Cook

SC 560 Deputy Jason Maddox

SC 569 Deputy Casey Brazeale

SC 519 Deputy Joseph Grigg