Aggravated Assault

Sheriff Lance Bonds states that on August 5th, 2016, Stone County Deputies responded to Coleman Morris Road in Stone County, in regard to a domestic call.  After arriving on scene, the suspect in this case, Sarah McDonald and the victim were contacted.  When deputies arrived, Sarah McDonald was in the standing in the open with her arms in the air, as if she was surrendering to officers.  She was quickly detained for safety reasons, as was the victim.  When the suspect was asked if she was alright, she stated "yes."

The victim advised that the suspect had been drinking whiskey all day (starting at approximately 11:00AM) and some beer.

The victim states that after entering the residence from watering his garden, McDonald followed him inside.  Once inside, McDonald became violent and began choking the victim with both hands around his neck.  After breaking free from McDonald, the victim ran to his bedroom and shut the door.  The bedroom door has no lock.  While the victim was in his bedroom, McDonald entered with her left hand behind her back.  The victim believed she could have a weapon in her hand, so he stood up and closed the distance.  McDonald cocked a pistol (Taurus .38 special), removed it from behind her back and attempted to point it at the victim, when the victim grabbed the pistol and wrestled it away from McDonald.

The victim placed the pistol on a shelf, at which time the suspect, McDonald attempted to get it once again.  The victim "shoved" McDonald, causing her to lose her balance, fall and hit her head on the wall.  According to the victim, this took place in his bedroom.

When Deputies examined the pistol, it was noted that there were five (5) casings in the cylinder, with one (1) of the casings being spent.  Also noted were blood stained sheets and what appeared to be powder residue on the bed blanket.  It was learned through the victim, that as he was attempting to make the weapon safe, it discharged into the bedding.  As deputies were leaving the residence, the victim stated that Sarah McDonald asked him two (2) weeks prior to the incident, if he, the victim, wanted her, Sarah McDonald to "Take him out."  The victim believed this to mean McDonald would kill him.

Sarah McDonald was transported to the Stone County Detention Center without incident.

Note:  During a post Miranda interview with Sarah McDonald, she admitted to pulling the gun on the victim and cocking it back where the victim then grabbed the gun. She also stated that she wasn’t going to kill him but that she was definitely going to slow him down.